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!this app is frozen at block 7544910

Created in collaboration with: @Cryptoicicle, @shreyashpatodia, @sem1d5, @dougdevine, @msganton, @jp12__, @TZMCrypto, @darksoulsfanlol, & The Team @ Flipside

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Gov Degen

Baby Degen

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Wen Moon


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In Deep

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Up And At Them

Rock the Vote

Adult Swim

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More About this App

This app was created to showcase 15 behaviors that we associate with positive contribution to the Terra ecosystem. These are certainly not the only ways that an address can contribute to the ecosystem, so we encourage you to DYOR. We've made all of our data available, ether through the download links above, or if you want to go deeper, we have linked to every query used to create this leadearboard in the table below. Note that there are ~700k addresses in the full data file as it includes addresses that scored 0 but still had enough activity to show up in the calculation of at least one metric. The data refreshes once every two hours.

We love geeking out on methodology and data, so if you have questions or ideas please visit us on our discord. Thanks for stopping by LUNAtics!

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