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aUST Earnings Calculator

Use this calculator to check how much interest (in UST) you have earned on your aUST including aUST deposited on Mirror. Just add your address on the box on the right.

Built with our community collaborators:
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Check out: Terra Anchor and Mirror .

#Crypto moves fast, and so do we. But that speed comes with a trade off. In this case, a few Terra txns are dropping en route from Confluent, our connector between blockchain nodes and Snowflake. Unfortunately, they're mostly Anchor txns. Impact to the calculator is minimal, but if your calc looks off, pls @ us on le 'cord. We're working on a fix ASAP with the Confluent support team.
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This calculator is not investment advice!
The price of aUST increases 20% per year. So by simply converting your UST on Terra into aUST through Anchor, and letting it sit, your aUST will increase in value by 20% in one year. On top of that you can earn even more by putting your aUST into Mirror. The app calculates the history of the aUST in your wallet and on Mirror and subtracts out the fees you've paid, and any aUST that has been liquidated and tells you how much you've earned. Go HERE to learn more about how we calculate earnings in this calculator.