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THORChain Console

This page contains key stats and figures related to core Thorchain operations, including key fundamental stats, details on pools & AMMs, as well as breakdowns of activity by chain & asset. All queries have been sourced from the bounty submissions of @pietrekt_ @maybeYonas @sem1d5 and compiled by the team @flipside

RUNE Supply Breakdown
CEX On- & Off-Ramps
Total Liquidity on Platform
Daily Reward Distribution
Daily Rewards Generated
Volume of Bifrost Activity by Asset
Number of Bifrost Users by Asset
Swap Volume
Number of Swappers
Number of Swaps
Synth vs Normal Swaps
Number of LP Actions
Pool Sizes by Liquidity
Pool Sizes by # of LPs
Liquidity Provision
Token Summary
Standardized Fees
APY by Pool